39. Milk a cow

My incredible cousin Josh married Carolee, who is just as incredible. They live in Clinton UT and have 6 adorable little kids. Carolee is probably the healthiest mom I know. She doesn't eat anything that is processed or has chemical preservatives in it. She used to purchase all her dairy products from a farm but eventually decided to buy a cow (and chickens) to have fresh dairy every day. So every morning and evening Josh goes out and milks the cow (now that is love). He was kind enough to let me come out to their cute little farm and give milking a go. As soon as Josh came home from work he changed out of his business attire and into his milking attire (just jeans and a t-shirt) and away we went. He introduced me to Tilly their cow, who was very kind to let me milk her. Josh gave me a quick demonstration and then let me have a try. My Mom grew up with cows and had warned me that it wouldn't be easy. The first couple of squeezes were a little awkward and I missed the bucket a few times, but I think I got the hang of it pretty quick. Although I only did one teat (that is the proper name) at a time and not nearly as much milk came out as when Josh did it. Carolee had me try some milk that was fresh from that morning. It was the best milk I have ever had and I don't even like milk. Tilly makes about 4 gallons of milk a day. Carolee lets the cream and whey separate and makes all sorts of wonderful things like yogurt and ice cream. It was such a fun experience and I am so grateful to my lovely cousin and his family for letting me come down for a milking visit!

This is Tilly herself.

Josh giving me the demonstration.

Getting my fingers all lotioned up.

The first couple of awkward squeezes.

I think I missed the bucket here.

Milk Maid

Notice the milk stream.

Right in the bucket.

We have milk!

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