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It has obviously been quite a while since I added or took away from the 101 list. I of course have a list of excuses as to why this is, and I will take the liberty to say that they are actually quite legitimate. In fact, one of the excuses is actually helping me progress towards crossing off number 2 on the list.
The excuses are:
1. School this semester ruins my life. Mainly on Tues. and Thurs., but lets face it, trig is my worst enemy, and even though Biology actually interests me quite a bit, my teacher somehow manages to make me hate it. or him I cant decide. I won't even get started on my egocentric, A.D.D., wall kicking, hair rubbing, bizarre, writing teacher.
2. I caught the blasted swine flu. I was the one that kept saying that everyone was overreacting about the stupid hiney flu. I don't say that anymore. DO EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER TO GET THE VACCINE. Granted I didn't die from complications like that West Minster lady, but there were, however, about 7 days of fever, aches, sneezes, coughs, chills, nausea, the big D, not to mention I had no appetite. Plus it was "that time of the month", I'll just go ahead and throw that out there, for any extra sympathy I can get. I was popping 4 Ibuprofen every 4 hrs on an empty stomach. When I was finally starting to feel better and less like a piggy, my stomach turned into a fire pit. So much pain. I was down to 99 pounds and at about midnight on day 9 of the week from hell my Dad and David took me to the ER. They gave us masks as to not turn anyone else into piggies. They pumped me full of anti-nausea meds and pain killers. I was now a happy piggy. After some tests and an ultra sound my doctor, who was bald with a pretty impressive white beard, came in and told me that I had ulcers all over my stomach. Note to self: never take Ibuprofen again. Anyway, they let me out and after a week of the most bland and boring diet of my life, this awful "coat your stomach" medicine, and the best caregiver/fiance, I am back to normal.
3. I am planning a wedding. My wedding to be exact. And although I am trying with every fiber of my being to not let it consume me, it is happening. From trying to mail out 430 invitations, to collecting pine cones in the snow storm at the U campus, its pretty much all I think about. Screw finals and my job, I have burlap to buy and buttons to cover! Anyway it is going to be the best wedding ever not only because David and I are the coolest people I know, well just under Cicely and David but because it is on New Years Eve too! Here is something totally unique, we have a blog! Feel free to check it out here.
4. It is Christmas. nuff said.

Those are all the excuses I have, don't fret though I am back on track and will definitely be posting details about number 2 on the list very soon. Please, stay tuned!


39. Milk a cow

My incredible cousin Josh married Carolee, who is just as incredible. They live in Clinton UT and have 6 adorable little kids. Carolee is probably the healthiest mom I know. She doesn't eat anything that is processed or has chemical preservatives in it. She used to purchase all her dairy products from a farm but eventually decided to buy a cow (and chickens) to have fresh dairy every day. So every morning and evening Josh goes out and milks the cow (now that is love). He was kind enough to let me come out to their cute little farm and give milking a go. As soon as Josh came home from work he changed out of his business attire and into his milking attire (just jeans and a t-shirt) and away we went. He introduced me to Tilly their cow, who was very kind to let me milk her. Josh gave me a quick demonstration and then let me have a try. My Mom grew up with cows and had warned me that it wouldn't be easy. The first couple of squeezes were a little awkward and I missed the bucket a few times, but I think I got the hang of it pretty quick. Although I only did one teat (that is the proper name) at a time and not nearly as much milk came out as when Josh did it. Carolee had me try some milk that was fresh from that morning. It was the best milk I have ever had and I don't even like milk. Tilly makes about 4 gallons of milk a day. Carolee lets the cream and whey separate and makes all sorts of wonderful things like yogurt and ice cream. It was such a fun experience and I am so grateful to my lovely cousin and his family for letting me come down for a milking visit!

This is Tilly herself.

Josh giving me the demonstration.

Getting my fingers all lotioned up.

The first couple of awkward squeezes.

I think I missed the bucket here.

Milk Maid

Notice the milk stream.

Right in the bucket.

We have milk!


61. Go hang gliding/paragliding

On my birthday David took me for a surprise ride somewhere. He drove me up to the point of the mountain and told me that he signed me up to go paragliding! So this one I didnt even plan, it was given to me as a gift for my birthday. Best present ever. We have been trying to go ever since my birthday but the winds were never good, especially because "im so light" like they kept saying. So yesterday there was finally good winds and I was able to go. It was amazing. When it was my turn to go, the owner of the company and my pilot Steve came and got me harnessed up. I asked him to take me high and to do cool tricks but he said the wind wasnt at the right conditions. Once we got up there though Steve was lovin the winds and decided to take me super high and do lots of spins and what not. We ended up being in the air for an hour instead of the normal 30 mins. The view up there was absolutely incredible. I so wish I could have had a camera with me. The chute flies you so smooth and it was actually quite relaxing. Steve even let me control it for awhile. The only downfall... as we were making our descent he started doing a ton of spins and wing turns and we were dropping elevation pretty fast so I got pretty nauseous. Over all though I highly recommend doing paragliding. David went through a company called Cloud 9. They were incredible, and reasonably priced.
Thanks David!

and my helmet. Which if you crashed to your death wouldnt do you any good anyway.

woo hoo!

see that dot? thats us at 1500 feet above the ground.

the moon.

coming in for landing.

me and steve.


1. serve a mission

I served a mission in the California San Bernardino mission. I left on September 12, 2007 and returned home on February 17, 2009. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I had a hard time choosing photos to post. There were so many people, places and memories. If you want to see more photos and hear more about my mission you can go to the blog that my sister Emily created and maintained while I was gone.

One of our investigators Nicole and her support family the Grady's.

One of my favorite families the Delatores.

Samoans. Always fun.

knee highs never lasted too long.

tracting as a threesome with Sis. Bowers and Sister Rasmussen in Spring Valley Lake.

One of our many service projects. yard work.

Santa Ana winds at their best.

My first area Rialto.


the good old MTC

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