61. Go hang gliding/paragliding

On my birthday David took me for a surprise ride somewhere. He drove me up to the point of the mountain and told me that he signed me up to go paragliding! So this one I didnt even plan, it was given to me as a gift for my birthday. Best present ever. We have been trying to go ever since my birthday but the winds were never good, especially because "im so light" like they kept saying. So yesterday there was finally good winds and I was able to go. It was amazing. When it was my turn to go, the owner of the company and my pilot Steve came and got me harnessed up. I asked him to take me high and to do cool tricks but he said the wind wasnt at the right conditions. Once we got up there though Steve was lovin the winds and decided to take me super high and do lots of spins and what not. We ended up being in the air for an hour instead of the normal 30 mins. The view up there was absolutely incredible. I so wish I could have had a camera with me. The chute flies you so smooth and it was actually quite relaxing. Steve even let me control it for awhile. The only downfall... as we were making our descent he started doing a ton of spins and wing turns and we were dropping elevation pretty fast so I got pretty nauseous. Over all though I highly recommend doing paragliding. David went through a company called Cloud 9. They were incredible, and reasonably priced.
Thanks David!

and my helmet. Which if you crashed to your death wouldnt do you any good anyway.

woo hoo!

see that dot? thats us at 1500 feet above the ground.

the moon.

coming in for landing.

me and steve.


Goog & Winnie said...

looks so fun! So did you decide that you do want to be in with the hang gliding crowd?

Cicely said...

Love that. And I love the list idea. I might try it.

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