back on track...

It has obviously been quite a while since I added or took away from the 101 list. I of course have a list of excuses as to why this is, and I will take the liberty to say that they are actually quite legitimate. In fact, one of the excuses is actually helping me progress towards crossing off number 2 on the list.
The excuses are:
1. School this semester ruins my life. Mainly on Tues. and Thurs., but lets face it, trig is my worst enemy, and even though Biology actually interests me quite a bit, my teacher somehow manages to make me hate it. or him I cant decide. I won't even get started on my egocentric, A.D.D., wall kicking, hair rubbing, bizarre, writing teacher.
2. I caught the blasted swine flu. I was the one that kept saying that everyone was overreacting about the stupid hiney flu. I don't say that anymore. DO EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER TO GET THE VACCINE. Granted I didn't die from complications like that West Minster lady, but there were, however, about 7 days of fever, aches, sneezes, coughs, chills, nausea, the big D, not to mention I had no appetite. Plus it was "that time of the month", I'll just go ahead and throw that out there, for any extra sympathy I can get. I was popping 4 Ibuprofen every 4 hrs on an empty stomach. When I was finally starting to feel better and less like a piggy, my stomach turned into a fire pit. So much pain. I was down to 99 pounds and at about midnight on day 9 of the week from hell my Dad and David took me to the ER. They gave us masks as to not turn anyone else into piggies. They pumped me full of anti-nausea meds and pain killers. I was now a happy piggy. After some tests and an ultra sound my doctor, who was bald with a pretty impressive white beard, came in and told me that I had ulcers all over my stomach. Note to self: never take Ibuprofen again. Anyway, they let me out and after a week of the most bland and boring diet of my life, this awful "coat your stomach" medicine, and the best caregiver/fiance, I am back to normal.
3. I am planning a wedding. My wedding to be exact. And although I am trying with every fiber of my being to not let it consume me, it is happening. From trying to mail out 430 invitations, to collecting pine cones in the snow storm at the U campus, its pretty much all I think about. Screw finals and my job, I have burlap to buy and buttons to cover! Anyway it is going to be the best wedding ever not only because David and I are the coolest people I know, well just under Cicely and David but because it is on New Years Eve too! Here is something totally unique, we have a blog! Feel free to check it out here.
4. It is Christmas. nuff said.

Those are all the excuses I have, don't fret though I am back on track and will definitely be posting details about number 2 on the list very soon. Please, stay tuned!


Cicely said...

What?! We beat out Sarah and Jesus? Dave and I just did a celebratory high-fived at this news.

I love love love you and will call you this morning as soon as I think you might be awake, probably not before 9ish?

I am very excited about our plan.
We have much to discuss.

Cicely said...

ps. don't be mad at blogs.

David said...

2 Things. Aly and David are the two coolest people I know too. And school is worthless anyway. Oh and I love going to the E.R. having to wear a mask. It makes me feel like I'm in an alien movie.

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