the list

1. serve a mission
2. marry in the temple
3. hike on the pacific crest trail
4. road trip across all 48 states
5. one session in every temple
6. hike on the Appalachian trail
7. have children
8. graduate from college
9. donate hair to cancer patient
10. multi-day bike trip
11. backpack Europe, Asia and S. America
12. go to India
13. run Boston marathon
14. complete a triathlon
15. rock climb on devils tower
16. join the mile high club
17. go sky diving
18. participate in a women's march
19. sail a boat
20. go to Jerusalem
21. learn a foreign language
22. do humanitarian work in Africa
23. become certified in yoga
24. see Egypt and the pyramids
25. ride an elephant and/or camel
26. walk on great wall of China
27. write a book
28. serve a mission with husband
29. grow a salsa garden
30. scuba dive
31. go to a yankees, red sox, and braves game
32. learn to play guitar
33. own a dog
34. learn basic mechanics
35. own my own business
36. tomato fight in Spain
37. see the northern lights
38. holi festival in India
39. milk a cow
40. visit historic holocaust sites
41. flip a house
42. be an extra in a movie
43. organize a charity race
44. make moccasins
45. learn photography
46. teach English in foreign country
47. work for a magazine
48. see Sistine chapel in Rome
49. stand next to leaning tower of Pisa
50. learn how to trapeze swing
51. read the standard works
52. live debt free
53. see LDS church historic sites
54. swim with dolphins
55. fly in a plane simulator
56. fly a real plane
57. learn pottery
58. see where Berlin wall once was
59. run rock 'n' roll marathon
60. learn to play bag pipes or the harp?
61. go hang gliding/paragliding
62. go on a hot air balloon ride
63. read 1,000 books
64. obtain a 6 pack
65. do the splits (middle and side)
66. explore the big apple
67. learn to crochet and knit
68. go to the ice hotel in Sweden
69. run up the Rocky stairs.
70. ?
orange = complete!
click on completed ones to read more
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