33. Own A Dog.

I am thrilled to introduce to you the latest addition to the new Sharette family, LUCY! She is a boxer and is just over 9 weeks old. She is so perfect. We purchased/rescued her from a family in Kearns. She was the most playful of the litter, but would also snuggle me. I loved her right away.

David and I were both so excited. She was all we could think about, and could not wait to go get her. We bought her all the necessary things a new pup needs, a kennel, collar, food, toys, treats, brush, shampoo, etc.

We also bought Cesar Milan's book on how to train your puppy. He truly is a dog whisperer. We have been doing everything by the book, and Lucy is learning so fast and doing so well. I am sure Cesar would disapprove of the above picture and frankly so do I, but it was just so cute that I had to take a picture.

We are sure to give her plenty of love.

And plenty of food, but not too much. I refuse to have an obese dog who breaths weird and smells bad due to an extreme amount of gas.

love that little nubbin of a tail.

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Cicely said...

I want to squish his little face!

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