8...in progress

I am working on completing number 8 on the list : graduate from college
I finally decided on my major which is Graphic Design.
To keep me and others around me motivated I created the blog Graphic Goolay.
Feel free to follow along with me on my journey to become a college graduate!


in the works

I know it may seem like I have forgotten about my list of goals, but trust me I have not. Most of the items on my list are not things that just happen over night or in one day, they take time. So, there will be future posts to come about the things I have accomplished, but for now they are in the works.


33. Own A Dog.

I am thrilled to introduce to you the latest addition to the new Sharette family, LUCY! She is a boxer and is just over 9 weeks old. She is so perfect. We purchased/rescued her from a family in Kearns. She was the most playful of the litter, but would also snuggle me. I loved her right away.

David and I were both so excited. She was all we could think about, and could not wait to go get her. We bought her all the necessary things a new pup needs, a kennel, collar, food, toys, treats, brush, shampoo, etc.

We also bought Cesar Milan's book on how to train your puppy. He truly is a dog whisperer. We have been doing everything by the book, and Lucy is learning so fast and doing so well. I am sure Cesar would disapprove of the above picture and frankly so do I, but it was just so cute that I had to take a picture.

We are sure to give her plenty of love.

And plenty of food, but not too much. I refuse to have an obese dog who breaths weird and smells bad due to an extreme amount of gas.

love that little nubbin of a tail.
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